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php – laravel 5.5 Get user details inside constructor

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I am building an application with multiple user roles and actions. I did follow the official laravel doc (https://laravel.com/docs/5.5/middleware#middleware-parameters).

But in my controller’s constructor (from where I call the above middleware) I am using Auth facade to get user details. I know how to use Auth facade, I had implemented it on several places inside my application. But when I use it inside the constructor it returns null (in logged in condition – I double checked that).

I implemented it like this, I have to call two controllers(since only registered users can access that page)

public function __construct()
    $role = Auth::user()->role;

PS: I tried to initialize $role variable as protected and outside the constructor , still not working. Any suggestions will be helpful

Thank you.

How to&Answers:

That’s because constructors are created before middlewares,that’s why its returning null.

This answer will propably solve your problems: Can't call Auth::user() on controller's constructor


If you are using the same user table for both “front-end” user and “admin” & want to apply condition in admin controller’s constructor.

You can use below.


And in the constructor you can use below code.

public function __construct(){      
    $this->middleware(function ($request, $next) {      
            return redirect()->route('home')->withFlashMessage('You are not authorized to access that page.')->withFlashType('warning');
        return $next($request);

But I prefer to handle these in separate middleware class instead of writing this in the controllers constructor.