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php – Laravel 5 package development

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I am having trouble to create package in Laravel 5 as workbench has been removed.

As in this thread (How create package in Laravel 5?), Goldorak suggest that we have to create our own package structure ourselves.

So, how can I create the workbench manually and get everything ready for package development?

How to&Answers:

Using the laravel Workbench package:

You can add the illuminate/workbench package in a Laravel 5 by adding to your composer.json:

"illuminate/workbench": "dev-master"

then add the WorkbenchServiceProvider into your config/app.php file:


Now you need to create the config/workbench.php file since it has been removed from Laravel 5:


return [
    | Workbench Author Name
    | When you create new packages via the Artisan "workbench" command your
    | name is needed to generate the composer.json file for your package.
    | You may specify it now so it is used for all of your workbenches.
    'name' => '',
    | Workbench Author E-Mail Address
    | Like the option above, your e-mail address is used when generating new
    | workbench packages. The e-mail is placed in your composer.json file
    | automatically after the package is created by the workbench tool.
    'email' => '',

Fill your information in this config file then you will be able to use the workbench command:

php artisan workbench vendor/name

Creating your own package structure

In this exemple we will create our package called awesome in a packages directory.

Here is the package structure:

  • Vendor: your vendor name, typically this is your github username.
  • Awesome: the name of your package
  • src: Where you put the business logic

To generate a composer.json file you can use this command in the packages/vendor/awesome directory:

composer init

Now we create a Awesome.php class in the src directory with a simple method:

<?php namespace Vendor/Awesome;

class Awesome
    public static function printAwesomeness()
        echo 'Awesome';

After that we add the package to the laravel composer.json psr-4 autoloader:

"autoload": {
    "psr-4": {
        "App\": "app/",
        "Vendor\Awesome\": "packages/vendor/awesome/src"

and we dump the composer autoloader

composer dump-autoload

Now you can use your package everywhere in your laravel 5 project. If you need some laravel specific feature like service provider or view publishing, use them as described in the Laravel 5.0 documentation.


laravel 5 Standards with out workbench.

Set 1 : install laravel as usual.

Step 2 : Create package folder and service provider

In root directory create a folder call “packages” /"vendorName"/"packageName"/src" Eg: root/packages/jai/Contact/src

now navigate to src folder and create a service provider class: “ContactServiceprovider.php”

your service provider should extend ServiceProvider which has to implement register method.

Note:If you want you can have dd(“testing”); in boot function and go to step 3 but you have copied the file you might want to create views , routes , config and controllers check link below for that

Step 3 : add package path in root composer.json in your root composer.json file "jai\Contact\": "packages/jai/Contact/src/" under psr-4

"psr-4": { "App\": "app/", "Jai\Contact\": "packages/jai/contact/src/", }

Step 4 : add service provider in app config.

in your root/conifg/app.php under providers add your package service provider to hook your package in.


Step 5 : run composer dump-autoload – make sure there are no errors.

all done – now you can access your package via url – "yourwebsite/contact"

Resource from here : https://github.com/jaiwalker/setup-laravel5-package


You could use package on this named packman. composer global require "hadefication/packman", just a simple package creator for Laravel.