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php – Laravel Blade: @endsection vs @stop

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In Laravel Blade, we can basically do this:





What is the difference between @stop and @endsection?

How to&Answers:

The @endsection was used in Laravel 3 and it was deprecated in Laravel 4

In the Laravel 4 to end a section you have to use @stop

You can refer the Changelog here


Authoritative answer by Taylor Otwell

@endsection became @stop in L4, just as @yieldSection became @show.

At github, Taylor Otwell said

@stop is just @endsection from L3.. @show is just @yieldSection


Both @endsection and @stop works.

In Laravel 4 it seems that only @stop is supported 1. But from Laravel 5 onwards @stop is not even mention in the documentation 2.

So I would suggest to use @endsection.