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php – Laravel File Storage: How to store (decoded) base64 image?

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How to store base64 image using the Laravel’s filesytem (File Storage) methods?

For example, I can decode base64 image like this:


but all of the Laravel’s methods for storing files can accept either a Illuminate\Http\File or Illuminate\Http\UploadedFile instance.

So I guess I’d have to convert base64 image (or decoded base64 image) to Illuminate\Http\File or Illuminate\Http\UploadedFile, but how?

How to&Answers:

Just use put to store the encoded contents:

Storage::put('file.jpg', $encoded_image);

All it’s doing is wrapping file_put_contents.

Then to read it back out:

$data = base64_decode(Storage::get('file.jpg'));

Which, you guess it, is wrapping file_get_contents.


You can upload your base64 Image using laravel File Storage like this

    $base64_image = $request->input('base64_image'); // your base64 encoded     
    @list($type, $file_data) = explode(';', $base64_image);
    @list(, $file_data) = explode(',', $file_data); 
    $imageName = str_random(10).'.'.'png';   
    Storage::disk('local')->put($imageName, base64_decode($file_data));

Hope it will help you