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php – Laravel | Passing variable in Notify

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I want to send a mail to Notify, it works but when I try to put the variables, It returns that they are undefined. I don’t understand how to pass a variable to Notify, I tried to do ->withResult($result) but it didn’t work out.
Here is the controller:

    $result = Review::where('user_hash', '=', $data['lname_c'])->where('email', $data['email_c'])->orderBy('created_at', 'desc')->first();
    $result->notify(new SendReview());

And my SendReview.php notifications:

public function toMail($notifiable)

    return $result['invitation_id']; // test to check if variable is passed
    return (new MailMessage)
                ->action('Nani', url($url))
                ->line('Thank you');

There is user_hash and invitation_id in my Review table, I want to pass them to the notify. When I do return $result['invitation_id']; it works. Hope I am understandable, I checked for duplicate questions and couldn’t find one.

How to&Answers:

This is how they do it in docs.

$arr = [ 'foo' => "bar" ];
$result->notify(new SendReview($arr));

And in your SendReview.php


protected $arr;

public function __construct(array $arr) {
        $this->arr = $arr;

public function toMail($notifiable) {
        // Access your array in here


You must use $notifiable variable in your Notification class.

It is an instance of the class to which the notification is being sent. So here your review object is passed as $notifiable variable.

You can try to log it as logger($notifiable) in toMail() method and check its properties.