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php – Laravel Use different queue connection to dispatch Jobs

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I am using laravel 5.1 and i am using the dispatch method to push the job onto the queue.
But there are two kind of jobs and i have created and two queues for that in sqs.
How should i achieve this?

How to&Answers:

This worked for me.

//code to be used in the controller (taken from @jedrzej.kurylo above)
$job = (new SendReminderEmail($user))->onQueue('emails');

I think this dispatches the job on to the queue named “emails”.
To execute the job dispatched on ’emails’ queue:

//Run this command in a new terminal window
php artisan queue:listen --queue=emails


In order to specify the queue you need to call onQueue() method on your job object, e.g.:

$job = (new SendReminderEmail($user))->onQueue('emails');

If you want to send the job to a connection other than default, you need to do fetch connection manually and send the job there:

$connection = Queue::connection('connection_name');
$connection->pushOn('queue_name', $job)


I’d suggest this:

app('queue')->connection('connection_name')->pushOn('queue_name', $job);

From here: In Laravel how to create a queue object and set their connection without Facade