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php – Loading a custom Yii Component

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I am trying to use a custom class I have created to send out mail so I can keep the controller files thin. I created my custom class and put it in the components folder. I then added:

'sendMail' => array(

underneath main components in my main config file.

This should allow me to access the class directly correct? I try using:




and all I end up with is errors.

Can anyone tell me how I include a custom component? Maybe I am doing this all wrong?

How to&Answers:

First it should be:

'sendMail' => array(

Notice the absence of dot in the end “SendMail” instead of “SendMail.”. Also, this configuration expects that you have php file SendMail.php, in protected/components directory that is a class with name “SendMail” and that this component extends CApplicationComponent. The component id will be with lower first letter, eg Yii::app()->sendMail and this will return instance of “SendMail” class. I do not know what MailerConfirmation is, but if this is a method of SendMail object, then you should access it like Yii::app()->sendMail->MailerConfirmation()

If this doesn’t help, then please post some code and post the errors you are getting.


Note that if you are not going to set any component properties in the config file or use other CApplicationComponent features and your config file includes the default:


You can put your SendMail.php class in the components directory and it will autoload by calling it via:

$mailer = new SendMail();

then call your methods via:


if you do want to use CApplicationComponent, you may want to look here or here for a couple examples, as well as the Yii tutorials.