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php – Make a path work both on linux and Windows

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How can I make sure that this path:

new Zend_Log_Writer_Stream(APPLICATION_PATH . '\logs\app.log')  

works both on linux and on windows?

How to&Answers:

In Linux, the path separator is /. In Windows, it is either \ or /. So just use forward slashes and you will be fine.

APPLICATION_PATH . '/logs/app.log'


You can also use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant instead of \ or /.
Usually you’ll want to redefine it to have shorter name, like

$filename = APP . DS . 'logs' . DS . 'file.txt';


if you want to communicate two or more app of your site, this trick will serve you much

$ Document_root = realpath ( \ filter_input ( INPUT_SERVER , ' DOCUMENT_ROOT '));

this is to convert the route you back real path and then just have to navigate between directories with the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR without worrying about the operating system installed on your machine or web server


Just realpath() is seems to be enough

Example #2