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PHP method signature has no parameters method call has one parameter no warning

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Hello I am trying to make a simple class that has a method with no parameters. With method call I am putting in one parameter to fail a test but the test passes. And if I run the code in browser everything runs with no warning. I am on a development environment so php should detect such violations.

This is the method signature

    public function getServiceDetail(): ServiceDetail

This is the call




The result of the above is just fine I get the detail from the logic that is in the method no warnings or errors.

Edit: If I put wrong type into signature of the method I get the proper error since I have strict_types on.

How to&Answers:

PHP doesn’t care about that because all php functions are variadic by nature. This is why func_get_args exists. Anything you hand to a php function/method is assumed valid unless otherwise explicitly defined as invalid. In other words, you must define a prototype and the call must then explicitly defy that prototype for it be considered invalid.

For example:

function foo(Array $bar, String $baz) {

foo([1], "quix", new stdclass); // is perfectly legal in php

You get

array(3) {
  array(1) {
  string(4) "quix"
  object(stdClass)#1 (0) {

From the manual:

PHP has support for variable-length argument lists in user-defined functions. This is implemented using the ... token in PHP 5.6 and later, and using the func_num_args(), func_get_arg(), and func_get_args() functions in PHP 5.5 and earlier.