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php – pass array of conditions to doctrine expr()->orx() method

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I need to construct DQL with a QueryBuilder like this

[QUERY]... AND WHERE e.type = x OR e.type = Y OR e.type = N [...]

I have types in array How can I pass this array to my query builder?


List of types will be dynamic, calling $qb->andWhere on each foreach types loop will make only more AND WHERE’s no more ORs.
Can I store multiply orx expressions and then add it to andWhere? Any idea how to solve this, probably, common problem?

How to&Answers:

I hope so, then I found this :

$conditions = array('e.type = x', 'e.type = Y', 'e.type = N');
$orX = $qb->expr()->orX();

foreach ($conditions as $condition) {

$qb->add('where', $orX);

Using @meze suggestion, you can simplify the code and replace the foreach statement with:



I knew that tommarow gonna be a better day.
The solution is simple. Your can make array of OR expressions like so

$ors[] = $qb->expr()->orx('e.type = '.$qb->expr()->literal($value));

And then just add it to andWhere()/Where() method of the query builder via join method like so:

$qb->andWhere(join(' OR ', $ors));


@DEY his answer can be simplified.
No need for the foreach, this also works:

$conditions = array('e.type = x', 'e.type = Y', 'e.type = N');

$orX = $qb->expr()->orX();



You can also use ... in php like:

$conditions = array('e.type = x', 'e.type = Y', 'e.type = N');
$criteria = Criteria::create();


You can also use the call_user_func_array function like this.

It lets you call a method passing an array’s items as parameters.