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php – Phalcon CLI email not sending

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I am using vokuro Mail plugin in my CLI module (for cron job). The code sends emails whenever an order is created successfully in the database. Here is the afterCreate() code for sending emails.

         ->send($recipients, "Order Notification", 'orderstatus1', array(
         'cname' => $this->customers->name,
         'cemail' => $this->customers->email,
         'mobile' => $this->customers->mobile,
         'customerid' => $this->customers->customerid,
         'facility' => $this->membership->facilities->facilityname,
         'transactionstatus' => (!empty($this->transactionstatus)) ? $this->transactionstatus : "",
         'qid' => $this->customers->qid,
         'mid' => $this->membershipid,
         'dob' => $this->customers->dob,
         'nationality' => $this->customers->nationality,
         'startdate' => $this->membership->membershipdate,
         'enddate' => $this->membership->membershipexpirydate,
         'orderdate' => $this->orderdate,
         'membershiptype' => $this->membership->packages->packagedesc,
         'orderamount' => $this->membership->packages->packageamount,
         'facilityname' => $this->membership->facilities->facilityname,
         'paymentoption' => $this->membership->packages->paymentoption,
         'facilityimage' => $this->membership->facilities->facilityimage

I have created a task for creating orders manually. But on successful creation of orders, I get the email text printed on my terminal but the email is never sent. Same operation works when its executed from web module. I am using the flollowing command for the same.

/usr/bin/php-cli /home/xxx/public_html/xxxx/app/bootstrap_cli.php paymentprocessor

And then my terminal fills with email template that i have set but email does not send. Here is the sample output.


Any help will be appreciated.

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