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php – Php7 and php5 on fedora at the same time

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How can I setup PHP5 and PHP7 on one Fedora system?

As I see, PHP in fedora is not one directory, it’s spread in OS.

On Windows systems, PHP is one folder, so I can just rename it when I need a specific version of PHP. What about Fedora?

Maybe there are some useful links but I haven’t found them.

Also, it will be php5+apache(httpd) and php7+nginx, but I don’t think it matters for now.

How to&Answers:

I suggest you to install remi repository. I assume you use fedora 23.

sudo dnf install http://rpms.remirepo.net/fedora/remi-release-23.rpm

After installing remi repository, you have to edit /etc/yum.repos.d/remi.repo file and enable it.
Finally you can install various versions of php. for example:

sudo dnf install php70-php php56-php

You can use them as php70 and php56 along with option or php file you want to run.


Following directions in Remi RPM repo blog worked for me. I can now run php55 or php70.

Few things that it took to switch to php55:

 module unload php70
 module load php55

 yum install php55-php-fpm

 systemctl start php55-php-fpm
 systemctl enable php55-php-fpm

now both php --version in command line shows PHP 5.5 and also in your browser you will see that phpinfo() shows PHP 5.5.


You can install as many versions as PHP as you want. Just download the source code and compile whichever version you want into separate directories.

./configure --prefix='/usr/local/php-7.0.4'
make install

Using fpm, you can set up different sockets or TCP ports for each version of PHP which can be used inside your web server config (nginx fastcgi or something like mod_fastcgi for apache)


Yes Software Collections is the current best solution for parallel installations of various PHP versions.

As SCL are not yet allowed in Fedora official repository, you have to use the “remi” repository.

See the Configuration Wizard on http://rpms.remirepo.net/wizard/

Also see