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php – PhpStorm code completion doesn't show core classes/extensions

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I’m having trouble with PHPStorm. I just started new project created a couple of my own classes, in one of them I created PDO object.

$this->cnn = new PDO("sqlite:db/base.db");

Now when I want to see what kind of methods this object has via crtl + whitespace, I get no suggestions. Then I tried to see the list of classes available to me with.

$newClass = new

And when I pressed ctrl + whitespace it only showed me the classes I created.

So the question is, what do i need to do, to make PhpStorm see all the classes that are available (not just the ones i created).

P.S. when i ctrl + click on PDO (which is underlined) it says that class is undefined

P.P.S. in project settings i have selected php 5.4 language language and selected interpreter (php 5.4.7, using xampp)

How to&Answers:

I’ve solved the issue. File > Invalidate Caches did the trick!


I had a problem with PHPStorm Code Analysis hanging up (never finishing) on certain files using certain classes. No errors were reported, but all code completion was not working in these problem files.

The solution was the same, File > Invalidate Caches.