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php – Phpunit tests gives warning no tests found in class

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I am trying to learn how to test with phpunit and laravel. When start the test using phpunit command, I am getting a warning :

There was 1 failure:

1) Warning
No tests found in class "PostsTest".

Tests: 2, Assertions: 1, Failures: 

My test classname and filename matches. I have read other problems about unmatching names. my filename is PostsTest.php and my test file :

class PostsTest extends ApiTester {

    public function it_fetches_posts()





    private function makePost($postFields=[])
        $post = array_merge([
            'title' => $this->fake->sentence,
            'content' => $this->fake->paragragraph
        ], $postFields);

        while($this->times --)Post::create($post);

if necessary my ApiTester :

use Faker\Factory as Faker;

class ApiTester extends TestCase {
    protected $fake;
    protected $times = 1;
    function __construct($faker)
        $this->fake = Faker::create();

I dont have any clue where the error is. Laravel or my local phpunit settings or anything else. Any helps is appreciated.


How to&Answers:

Annotations are the answer.

/** @test */
public function it_tests_something()

Adding that @test tells phpunit to treat the function as a test, regardless of the name.


The only methods that PHPUnit will recognize as tests are those with names starting with test.

So you should rename the it_fetches_posts() method to test_it_fetches_posts or testItFetchesPosts. The camel case naming is optional but useful if you use the –testdox option later.

Also, as stated in other answer you can also add the @test annotation to any method and it will be considered a test by PHPUnit.


Either begin its name with word ‘test’ like test_something_should_work or update the test docs with this annotation /** @test */


Additionally, consider a case where you are testing a class A that requires a class B (that you will mock). When $a->someMethod($mocked_B_class) is called, make sure you don’t have any warnings in it such as trying to access a property of an array like you would access the property of a class ($array = ['one','two']; $array->one).

In this case it wont give you any information about the test or the error