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php – PHPWord how to add text break / new line while in a text run

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How can I add a text break or go to the next line/row while in a text run? I tried to just do $section->addTextBreak(2); while in the text run but it just added the breaks to the section after the text run. I also tried $textrun->addTextBreak(2); but it gave me a fatal error. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

How to&Answers:

I’m afraid that this will not be possible with current version. I don’t have deep understanding of this library, but from looking at the code, I found out that the textRun class consist only of addText and addLink methods.

But I also need this feature along with several others, so I’m going to write it myself and create a pull request to get it included in the next release (if there will be any).

Basically it can be done by modifying the textRun class, adding an addLineBreak method (similar way as it is in the section class) and then modify class Base.php to create proper elements in final document.

In Docx xml, those line brakes are similar to the html br tag, but previous text must be closed and reopened after using break like this:

  <w:t>This is</w:t>
  <w:t xml:space="preserve"> a simple sentence.</w:t>

instead of simply doing

  <w:t>This is<w:br /> a simple sentence</w:t>

So in base.php, you’ll need to edit behavior to create this block of code.

Hope this was useful!


I have figured out that implementing this is very simple. In textRun.php just add this method:

* Add a TextBreak Element
* @param int $count
public function addTextBreak($count = 1) {
    for($i=1; $i<=$count; $i++) {
        $this->_elementCollection[] = new PHPWord_Section_TextBreak();

and in Base.php in the _writeTextRun method at the end of this method add this condition:

elseif($element instanceof PHPWord_Section_TextBreak) {


The question was asked 3 years ago but I have the same problem and I found a solution. Maybe this can help new users of PHPWord.

To add a crlf in Word document the tag can help :

$section->addText('Some text <w:br/> another text in the line ');

I found the solution here : http://jeroen.is/phpword-line-breaks/


Adding a newline in phpword has bothered me, and I finnaly found solution, by accident, so here it is:
And this justifies the text.

$PHPWord->addParagraphStyle('pJustify', array('align' => 'both', 'spaceBefore' => 0, 'spaceAfter' => 0, 'spacing' => 0));
//add this style then append it to text below
$section->addText('something', 'textstyle', 'pJustify');
//the text behind this will be justified and will be in a new line, not in a new paragraph
$section->addText('behind', 'textstyle', 'pJustify');

This will output:




It’s easy: just start a new textrun, and before it add textbreak to the section, like this (tested with docx format):

$textrun = $section->addTextRun();

$textrun->addText('blah-blah', 'p_bold');


  $textrun = $section->addTextRun();

  $textrun->addText('blah-blah-blah in new line ', 'p');

  $textrun->addText('blah-blah', 'p_bold');

  $textrun->addText('blah-blah', 'p');


  $textrun = $section->addTextRun();

  $textrun->addText('blahblah', 'p');


I don’t know if a PR from the accepted answer was incorporated or it was in fact already possible in 2013, but regardless, since 2015 if not earlier, the correct way to insert line breaks within a paragraph is indicated in the initial response to #553 on GitHub:

  • Create a TextRun for the paragraph;
  • Add line breaks to the
    TextRun by calling the addTextBreak() method of the TextRun

Here’s a function that will take care of this for a complete paragraph of text in a string containing literal line-breaks (CR-LF ["\r\n"], LF ["\n"] or CR ["\r"]):

 * @param \PhpOffice\PhpWord\Element\AbstractContainer $container
 *        E.g. a section or table cell.
 * @param string $text String with literal line breaks as CR-LF, LF or CR.
 * @param string|array|\PhpOffice\PhpWord\Style\Paragraph $paragraphStyle
 * @param string|array|\PhpOffice\PhpWord\Style\Font $fontStyle
 * @return \PhpOffice\PhpWord\Element\TextRun
function addTextWithLineBreaks(
  \PhpOffice\PhpWord\Element\AbstractContainer $container,
) {
  $textRun = $container->addTextRun($paragraphStyle);
  foreach (preg_split('/(\r\n?+|\n)/',
  ) as $i => $part) {
    if ($i & 1) {
      $textRun->addTextBreak(1, $fontStyle, $paragraphStyle);
    } else {
      $textRun->addText($part, $fontStyle, $paragraphStyle);
  return $textRun;

PHPWord (0.14.0) currently discards line breaks when reading Word2007 documents – hopefully that will be fixed before 1.0 – but the output from the above is correct when opened in Word.


You can have a text and add \n where ever you want to have line breaks, and do the rest like this:

$text = "foo\nbar\nfoobar";
$textlines = explode("\n", $text);

$textrun = $section->addTextRun();

foreach($textlines as $line) {
    // maybe twice if you want to seperate the text
    // $textrun->addTextBreak(2);


For correct work, you need to add a text block:

$string = strtr($string, [
   "\n" => "</w:t>\n<w:br />\n<w:t xml:space=\"preserve\">"


use PHP_EOL for line break it is the only solution for line break in PHPWord