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php – Preg match if not

Posted by: admin July 12, 2020 Leave a comment


Is it possible to do a preg_match on something that shouldn’t be a match whilst still returning true?

For example at the moment we have…

if (preg_match('#^Mozilla(.*)#', $agent)) {

We want to check if the Mozilla string is not in $agent but still have preg_match return true.

So we can’t change it to…

if (!preg_match('#^Mozilla(.*)#', $agent)) {


How to&Answers:

What you want is a negative lookahead, and the syntax is:

if (preg_match('#^(?!Mozilla).#', $agent)) {

Actually, you can probably get away with just #^(?!Mozilla)# for this. I don’t know how PHP will feel about a pattern that’s nothing but zero-width tokens, but I’ve tested it in JavaScript and it works fine.


If you want to make sure Mozilla doesn’t appear anywhere in the string, you could use this…

if (preg_match('#^((?!Mozilla).)*$#', $agent)) {

…but only if you can’t use this!

if (strpos($agent, 'Mozilla') !== false) {


if (preg_match('#^Mozilla(.*)#', $agent) === 0) {

I hope I have not misunderstood your question. preg_match will either return 0 (not found), 1 (found 1 match, does not search for more), or false (some problem occurred). I used === not to return true when false is returned from preg_match.


You can use negative lookahead like this: