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php – Prepared statements, SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number

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I’m trying to write a query to insert/update a table and it’s my first time using prepared statements, I’m receiving the error SQLSTATE[HY093]: Invalid parameter number but from what I can see I’m passing all the columns/values required.

(I’m trying to do this without using bindParam as in example #2 here)

This is just a test for now, I plan on making it dynamic once I’ve actually got a query working.

$data_test = [
            ':event_id' => 3354,
            ':event'    => 'TESTESTEST',
            ':staff_booking_id' => 27255,
            ':is_read' => 'yes',
            ':priority' => 'medium'

        $q = "INSERT INTO events(event_id, event, staff_booking_id, is_read, priority) 
              VALUES(:event_id, :event, :staff_booking_id, :is_read, :priority) 
              ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE event_id = LAST_INSERT_ID(:event_id), event = :event, staff_booking_id = :staff_booking_id, is_read = :is_read, priority = :priority;";

        $result = $this->db->prepare($q);
        $result = $result->execute($data_test);
How to&Answers:

As commentented by FunkFortyNiner and tadman, it is possible that the issue comes from the fact that you are reusing the same placeholder.

Actually the MySQL syntax does not require you to reuse the named parameter: you can use the VALUES() to refer to the values initially passed for INSERT.

Also, your attempt to update event_id using LAST_INSERT_ID() does not seem right; I am unsure that this is valid syntax – and anyway, if this is the primary key of table, then you don’t want to update it.

Finally, as pinpointed by FunkFortyNiner, event is a reserved word in MySQL, so it needs to be quoted.

$q = 
    "INSERT INTO events(
        `event` = VALUES(`event`),
        staff_booking_id = VALUES(staff_booking_id),
        is_read = VALUES(is_read), 
        priority = VALUES(priority)";