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php – Print all variables available in a Smarty template

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How do you print all variables available in the context of a Smarty template? Something like the Django debug trace that lists everything being passed.


How to&Answers:

Use {debug} From the manual:

{debug} dumps the debug console to the
page. This works regardless of the
debug settings in the php script.
Since this gets executed at runtime,
this is only able to show the assigned
variables; not the templates that are
in use. However, you can see all the
currently available variables within
the scope of a template.

$debugging = true must be enabled in your settings or class, and site popups must be unblocked to see the window



From the Smarty code 🙂


Updated answer for Smarty 3: getTemplateVars

// If no parameter is given, an array of all assigned variables are returned. 
$all_tpl_vars = $smarty->getTemplateVars();


$all_tpl_vars = $smarty->getTemplateVars();

//before pushing to the template