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php – Push notifications Drupal module – Remove device (Web services)

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I´ve started to work with this module and i´ve managed to register devices (following the instructions of his author posted here).

Now i’m trying to unregister devices but when i send the http delete request (sending the token parameter with the value stored in DB) the message that i obtain is “HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently” and i have no idea what´s happening here.

I´ve been surfing the net but i didn´t find anything related to this…

If you need any additional info let me know.

Thanks in advance


I´m using a java rest client (RESTClient 3.2.1), which worked for register devices, to test these web services.
To remove the device I´m setting a DELETE request pointing to this URL


Where “1234” is the ID of a test device that I´ve saved before.

I´m still getting the error mentioned…

How to&Answers:

Finally i´ve been able to discover where i was failing.

I was using this url


But i forgot to specify the language too in the URL… Calling the following URL I was able to get this working.


I hope this could be useful for someone else in future.