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php – `QuickPDFAX0726.PDFLibrary': Class not registered ' Error

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I am Using QuickPdf Library ,Install QuickPDF 7.26 Successfully.
then i register the QuickPDFAX0726.dll by using sysWOW64/cmd.exe then DLLRegistered succeed message shown.

when I am trying to create an com object by using below code

    $a=new COM('QuickPDFAX0726.PDFLibrary');

Error Shown “Fatal error: Uncaught exception com_exception with message

Failed to create COM object QuickPDFAX0726.PDFLibrary: Class not registered

please help

How to&Answers:

Please check:

  • Whether the system is 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • QuickPDF version.

If QuickPDF version is less than 8.16 and your system is 64-bit, then it will not work.
Upgrade QuickPDF to version 8.16 or higher.