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php – Real-time MySQL monitoring

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I was wondering if there is a tool that I can monitor MySQL DB data in real time using PHP?

Currently I use an Ajax call to check the database for any updates every few seconds but I assume this is not the correct way when I have more users as it puts a lot of pressure on the server.

** Just to add a note that I actually want to show the data on my website which is written based on PHP, so it would be useful to find out what is the best way to integrate other tools in order to achieve this.

How to&Answers:

PHP is not really the best for real time monitoring as it is (normally) transaction based (HTTP).

There is a free open source Java program called “Mysql Monitor Tool” which can monitor a MySQL (or multiple) databases in real time:


Screen Shot


I use JET Profiler: http://www.jetprofiler.com/

it has a free version too.


Mysql Workbench has a server monitoring feature as well. It shows basically most things you need to know in real time.

To open it, open a connection with a DB, click on the “Server” tab and then “Server Status”.


after long searching I found a new free one http://www.profilesql.com/

great tool, it makes a proxy between app and db