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php – Recaptcha recaptcha timeout-or-duplicate error (invisible v2)

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Good morning,

we develop a webshop an integrated Google Recaptcha in our newsletter form (invisible v2). For the validation of the captcha we use the following library https://github.com/google/recaptcha.

We have one Google Recaptche account and configured one instance for all shop url’s.

The shop has current 4 instances for different brands (different domains and URL’s point to one shop server).

Now we extended the shop with additional 3 instances. Same code, other frontend template.
The code and logic for Google Recaptcha is also the same. No adjustments.

But now we have the following problem:
Only in the 3 new instances Google Recaptcha response with an error “timeout-or-duplicate”. We tried to separate the configured instance in Google Recaptcha admin console but without success.

Has anybody an idea or had a similar problem?

Thank you for your help.

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