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php – Regular expression – repeat groups

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I have text:

<b>Title1:</b><br/><b>Title2:</b> Value1<br/><b>Title3:</b> Value2<br/><b>Title4:</b> Value3<br/>Value4<b>Title5:</b> Value5<br/>

What regex to get:

[0] => <b>Title1:</b><br/>
[1] => <b>Title2:</b> Value1<br/>
[2] => <b>Title3:</b> Value2<br/>
[3] => <b>Title4:</b> Value3<br/>Value4
[4] => <b>Title5:</b> Value5<br/>

My variant not working:

How to&Answers:

You can use preg_split() with a lookahead:

$split = preg_split( '/(?=<b>Title\d+:)/', '<b>Title1:</b><br/><b>Title2:</b> Value1<br/><b>Title3:</b> Value2<br/><b>Title4:</b> Value3<br/>Value4<b>Title5:</b> Value5<br/>' );
array_shift( $split );
var_dump( $split );


array(5) {
  string(19) "<b>Title1:</b><br/>"
  string(26) "<b>Title2:</b> Value1<br/>"
  string(26) "<b>Title3:</b> Value2<br/>"
  string(32) "<b>Title4:</b> Value3<br/>Value4"
  string(26) "<b>Title5:</b> Value5<br/>"

Your regex was close, you need:




A resource like this can be very useful in troubleshooting regex: https://regex101.com/

Looks like you are missing an escape character in <b>(.*?)</b>(.*?)

<b>(.*?)<\/b>(.*?) should stop an error from being thrown for that current regex and get you close to the result, you’ll need to work with it a bit more to get the exact results you want though.

<b>(.*?)<\/b>(.*?)<br\/> should be a bit closer I think as it looks like you want to include the break tags.