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I have been developing with PHP for over ten years (since PHP version 3) and have used many different programming languages.

But I have never seen any PHP reporting tools. I am looking for something similar to

  • Jasper Reports
  • Crystal Reports
  • Fast Report
  • Quick Report
  • Report Builder

I am not looking for:

  • FPDF
  • PHPExcel

There must be a report designer and report library.

Has anyone seen PHP reporting tools comparable to those I mentioned?

How to&Answers:

You should check out Php Reports http://jdorn.github.io/php-reports/


  • Display reports as HTML tables
  • Add charts/graphs to accompany reports
  • Export reports to CSV, XLS, JSON, XML, etc.
  • Add parameters to reports (e.g. date range)
  • Find reports by browsing or searching.
  • Looks really nice.


  • No report designer, reports are just SQL files with comments for meta information
  • No user management or access control
  • No email scheduling of reports (coming soon)

I looked into all the existing solutions for PHP before writing the Php Reports framework. Everything out there was ugly, unmaintained, not flexible enough, and/or hard to set up and use.


Well, judging by your example, you are looking for tools to represent the data. So, here are few you might like

Check this question to use Crystal Reports with php.


Reportico looks promising. Also it has an extension for Yii making it my favourite.



This project exist for long time. I create all my project using this.


I haven’t been a PHP dev for so long 😛 but I ran into the same issue.
So I developed a solution that is comparable with Report Builder.
It integrates several technologies (ApacheFOP, XSLT, XSLFO, MS Word, PHP, Doctrine 1.2) but provides a pure PHP API.

Take a look and count with my help if needed.

Currently its a symfony plugin, but I’ll decouple it.

Its similar to ReportBuilder in that you use Word as designer for report templates, where you must consider the data source structure (XML) to create the data placeholders. Also if you get your data in an array, then you can convert it into XML directly with utils methods.
I explain a bit in this similar post:


you can integrate PHP with Java and to use JasperReports with iReport as an IDE :).

I’ve developed a library this is the link https://github.com/FraGoTe/JasperPHPlibrary

Best regards.