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php – set cookie in zend framework

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I am new to zend framework. I have write this code to set cookie in my website.

public function setCookie($data){
    $email_cookie = new Zend_Http_Cookie('user_email_id', $data['user_email_id'], $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], '', FALSE);
    $pass_cookie = new Zend_Http_Cookie('user_password', $data['user_password'], $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], '', FALSE);
    $cookie_jar = new Zend_Http_CookieJar();

I dont even know by writing this code, my cookie is set or not?
now If I want to retrieve the cookie then how can I do it?

How to&Answers:

Zend_Http_Cookie is not for setting cookies. It is a class used by Zend_Http_Client for sending and receiving data from sites that require cookies. To set cookies just use the standard PHP setcookie() function:

setcookie('user_email_id', $data['user_email_id'], time() + 3600, '/');
setcookie('user_password', $data['user_password'], time() + 3600, '/');

this will set cookies that expire in 1 hour. You can then access these on subsequent requests using $_COOKIE['user_email_id'] and $_COOKIE['user_password']; or if you are using ZF’s MVC classes: $this->getRequest()->getCookie('user_email_id') (from a controller method).


Your cookies are set by sending response. You can modify response in your code.

$cookie = new Zend_Http_Header_SetCookie();

By default, the front controller sends response when it has finished dispatching the request; typically you will never need to call it.


Check Zend_Http_Cookie

You will get your cookie like following:

echo $email_cookie->getName(); // user_email_id
echo $email_cookie->getValue(); // Your cookie value

echo ($email_cookie->isExpired() ? 'Yes' : 'No'); // Check coookie is expired or not


Use this way you can do it

in your controller do it code as

$cookie = new Zend_Http_Cookie('cookiename',
                         time() + 7200 //expires after 2 hrs
echo $cookie->__toString();
echo $cookie->getName(); //cookie name
echo $cookie->getValue(); //cookie value



//Get all cookies from the jar. $ret_as specifies the return type 
//as described above. If not specified, $ret_type defaults to COOKIE_OBJECT. 

Ref: Zend Cookies