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php – Storage in laravel says symlink – no such file

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I deployed laravel app on shared hosting in public_html/app folder. Here is everything from public folder. In /../../files I have rest of files. When I do php artisan storage:link in files folder my console says

  symlink(): No such file or directory

On localhost I upload files to storage/uploads folder. What to do now? I tried to change links but nothing works for me…

How to&Answers:
  1. Go to /public directory and run:

    rm storage

  2. Go to Laravel root directory and run:

    php artisan storage:link

Edited on May 1st 2018

This problem comes when laravel project is moved/copied to some other folder.

The storage link is still there thus causing the exception error. public/storage folder exists and points to wrong location and it needs to be deleted with rm storage command.

After that run php artisan storage:link in terminal and it will create the storage link.

This needs to be done EVERY time when laravel is moved/copied/deployed!


I’m face same error when use share hosting and my public directory move to public_html or different directory
like :
project directory in root name “project”
and public directory in root name “public_html”

when run artisan command by Artisan::call(‘storage:link’); then face this error.

1st need to bind your public directory in app/Providers/AppServiceProvider register method

 $this->app->bind('path.public', function() {
    return base_path('../public_html');

Now run the command its working fine


This usually happens after moving Laravel app to another directory

The actual storage directory is “/AppName/storage/app/public/”

Laravel creates a symbolic link pointing to actual storage dir “/AppName/public/storage”

Other meaning

“/AppName/public/storage” points to => “/AppName/storage/app/public/”

On changing root app directory to “/AnotherAppName/” symlink will still point to the old path

“/AnotherAppName/public/storage” => “/AppName/storage/app/public/”

my solution is to manually update the symlink using

ln -sfn /AnotherAppName/storage/app/public/ /AnotherAppName/public/storage


Delete the existing storage symbolic link (public/storage) and then run
php artisan storage:link command again.


create new php file and put this code on the file:

symlink('/home/CpanelUser/storage/app/public', '/home/CpanelUserpublic_html/storage');

“CpanelUser” change to youre cpanel user name or host name.

upload this file to public_html folder (www) of site
execute file with write site name+this file in browser

my file name is symlink.php and site name is www.anysite.com
upload symlink.php to public_html folder in host and get web address in browser


after execute this file storage folder creite in public folder in laravel and link to storage folder in app.


I was using Vagrant and had the same problem. I removed to storage directory in public/storage but couldn’t resolve the problem when using the command php artisan storage:link.

Therefore I connected with ssh to my vagrant box and ran the command there. It worked, so if you are running Vagrant and have the same problem this might help.


Make sure the APP_URL configuration in .env file is set correctly. after that run following command line:

php artisan config:cache
php artisan storage:link