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PHP stripos() return only false

Posted by: admin February 25, 2020 Leave a comment


I’m making a filter of Badword that return true if their is a bad word in a string.
but what happen is that whatever the user write the code return false.

I already tried to convert the arguments of stripos() to string (just in case) but still.
I tried preg_match() with "/$word/i", $_POST['message']

here is my function for the checking:

function MessageBad(){
    $BadWord = false;
    $bannedwords = file("bannedwords");
    foreach($bannedwords as $word) {
            if(stripos($_POST['message'], $word) !== false){
                    $BadWord = true;
    return $BadWord; 

but stripos($_POST['message'], $word) !== false always return false even when I enter only a badword from the bannedwods list…

How to&Answers:

By default, the strings returned by file() include the newline character at the end of each line. So $word ends with a newline, and will only match if the bad word is at the end of the line.

Use the FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES flag to remove the newlines.

$bannedwords = file("bannedwords", FILE_IGNORE_NEW_LINES);

You should also break out of the loop once you find a match, there’s no need to keep checking other words.