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php – Symfony 2 – How to delete a bundle?

Posted by: admin April 23, 2020 Leave a comment


So my question is how to delete bundle I created?

You create bundles with this console command:

php app/console generate:bundle --namespace=Test/BlogBundle --format=yml

And thats awsome but what if I need to delete this bundle?
Is there a console command to delete a bundle I dont need any more?

I know that when you create new bundle from console, you:

1. create /src/Test/BlogBundle directory
2. change /app/config/routing.yml file to include routes
3. include your new bundle in /app/Resources/App.Kernel.php
4. I think there is something changed in /app/cache/...

Now what would be correct way of deleting a bundle completely?

Its joust that using console these bundles are generated “magically” so I dont know what did this command changed in folder structure and files?

How to&Answers:

It is basically the process you have outlined, only in somewhat different order.

  1. delete /src/Test/BlogBundle directory
  2. change /app/config/routing.yml file to remove the bundle routes
  3. remove your new bundle from /app/AppKernel.php
  4. clear cache (either by deleting cache/{$env} or console cache:clear)

If this wasn’t installed using a dependency manager – that should be all.


I know I am late to answer this but Symfony has instructions on how to delete the bundle. This is how I delete. You can use the same instructions for other bundles you created and want to remove now.