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php – Symfony2 – Fatal error with Bundles

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I’ve got the error [Solution at the end of the question]

Fatal error: Class 'symblog\Blogger\BlogBundle\SymblogBundle' not found in
/var/www/Symfony/app/AppKernel.php on line 20

I founded the question How to install or integrate bundles in Symfony2, but the solutions given didn’t help me, because I already did what is suggested there. I’m following the tutorial symblog.co.uk except that I created at



*.php resource

Thanks in advance!

I have to add that while registering the bundle by console I’ve got the error

The command was not able to configure everything automatically.
You must do the following changes manually.

And the instructions:

- Edit the app/autoload.php file and register the bundle
namespace at the top of the registerNamespaces() call:
'symblog\Blogger\BlogBundle' => '/var/www/Symfony/blog',

which I followed.


class AppKernel extends Kernel
public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        new symblog\Blogger\BlogBundle\SymblogBundle(),


resource: "@SymblogBundle/Resources/config/routing.php"
prefix:   /

As requested: /app/config/config.yml

    - { resource: parameters.ini }
    - { resource: security.yml }

    #esi:             ~
    #translator:      { fallback: %locale% }
    secret:          %secret%
    charset:         UTF-8
    router:          { resource: "%kernel.root_dir%/config/routing.yml" }
    form:            true
    csrf_protection: true
    validation:      { enable_annotations: true }
    templating:      { engines: ['twig'] } #assets_version: SomeVersionScheme
        default_locale: %locale%
        auto_start:     true

# Twig Configuration
    debug:            %kernel.debug%
    strict_variables: %kernel.debug%

# Assetic Configuration
    debug:          %kernel.debug%
    use_controller: false
    # java: /usr/bin/java
        cssrewrite: ~
        # closure:
        #     jar: %kernel.root_dir%/java/compiler.jar
        # yui_css:
        #     jar: %kernel.root_dir%/java/yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar

# Doctrine Configuration
        driver:   %database_driver%
        host:     %database_host%
        port:     %database_port%
        dbname:   %database_name%
        user:     %database_user%
        password: %database_password%
        charset:  UTF8

        auto_generate_proxy_classes: %kernel.debug%
        auto_mapping: true

# Swiftmailer Configuration
    transport: %mailer_transport%
    host:      %mailer_host%
    username:  %mailer_user%
    password:  %mailer_password%

    secure_controllers:  true
    secure_all_services: false
[Edit] The solution was very easy after the answer from @Clamidity that the bundles usually are located at src/Blogger/SymBlogBundle/BloggerSymBlogBundle.php

While the configuration using the console it saked about the location of the bundle and the default was /../src but I changed to /../blog. And of course it won’t work, Symfony was looking into the wrong location. What I did was to move the folders inside /blog to /src and everything went fine.

How to&Answers:

There are a few things that it could be. I’ll just cover anything I can think of.

  1. Generally bundles are placed in the src folder. So the path to your bundle should look like this.


    (Notice that the bundle name follows the file name convention)

  2. Inside of the BloggerSymBlogBundle.php make sure you have something similar to the following:

    namespace Blogger\SymBlogBundle;
    use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Bundle\Bundle;
    class BloggerSymBlogBundle extends Bundle

    (Notice that the same name convention is also followed here)

  3. In your autoload.php the namespace that should be registered is the “Blogger” part of the name/path to your bundle. This is because the bundle itself resides in the Blogger folder:

    'Blogger' => __DIR__.'/../src',

    (Notice that the folder listed is the parent of the Blogger folder)

  4. Now in the AppKernel.php register the bundle according the namespace your set up and registered:

    new Blogger\SymBlogBundle\BloggerSymBlogBundle(),

    *Note – Your resources and references to this bundle with the above configuration would be


    so your php routing would be called by using:



There are different solution.

Clear the app/cache/(prod|dev) folder. When you have edited the Appkernel and autoload.

Fatal error: Class ‘symblog\Blogger\BlogBundle\SymblogBundle’ not found in
/var/www/Symfony/app/AppKernel.php on line 20

Here are now different Problems:

  1. Look to the SymblogBundle.php in the Bundle Folder and look which namespace they use. Perhaps its really an uppercase (“S”) like @kuba said.

  2. The Class file is not in the folder or you have no rights to the folder that the interpreter can load the file.

  3. I think your autoload.php is not correct.

    'Avalanche'        => __DIR__.'/../vendor/bundles',

    This is the common way to register an Namespace. In your case it have to be

    'Symlog' => '/var/www/Symfony/blog',

Here are the instructions from the “BloggerBundle” I hope its the correct one

There you can see the your autoload its not correct the Namespace is “Blogger”.