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php – Twig Variable in Array

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   return $this->render('pages/login.html.twig', TwigHelper::mergeDefault([
        'LoginForm'  => $form->createView(),
        'lang'       => self::getStrings('en-en') // Returns an array,
        'message'    => $verify['string'],

Normally I call a string in a twig template with {{ lang.stringname }}. In this case I want to call a string with the value, which was submitted via ‘message’.

I tried this:

{{ lang.[message] }}


{{ lang.{{ message }} }}.

The error message is:

Expected name or number.

Does anyone have an idea? Thank you.

How to&Answers:

The dot notation is a shortcut for an array[] – particularly useful for named arrays, but can also be used for numeric-indexes as well as. Use of the regular array is still possible, and that can take an independent variable as the key.

{{ lang[message] }}

There is a TwigFiddle, based on one in @DarkBee’s link to show it in use.