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php – What are the different ways to detect home page in wordpress?

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What are the different ways to detect wordpress homepage

except is_front_page() and is_home()


How to&Answers:

is_front_page() is what you want.

I assume, by the fact that is_home() is not working, that your home page is static, according to the settings in wp-admin.

is_home() returns true on your main blog page whereas is_front_page() returns true on which ever page is defined as your front page, feed or not.

From codex:

This Conditional Tag checks if the main page is a posts or a Page. This is a boolean function, meaning it returns either TRUE or FALSE. It returns TRUE when the main blog page is being displayed and the Settings->Reading->Front page displays is set to “Your latest posts”, or when is set to “A static page” and the “Front Page” value is the current Page being displayed.


I just do the following:

if ( $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] == '/' ) { }

It works and doesn’t overcomplicate things, especially as is_front_page() and is_home() don’t always work as you’d expect them to.


With Twenty Ten I use:

 if ( $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] == '/' ) { ?>
   <h1 class="site-title"><?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?></h1>
   <h2 class="site-description"><?php bloginfo( 'description' ); ?></h2>
} else { ?>
   <p class="site-title"><?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?></p>
   <p class="site-description"><?php bloginfo( 'description' ); ?></p>
<?php } ?>

Works like a charm… $_SERVER is the one I always use and it always works.


from outside the loop:

if(get_option("page_on_front") == $post->ID){
    //do front page stuff here


In many situations a WordPress site can have is_home and is_frontpage both eval as true on the REAL homepage and also on the main blog page. After building sites in WordPress for about 4 years this still bothers me.

For example if you have a site where you have your latest posts on your homepage with maybe a slider or some other homepage-centric elements, AND have another blog page, then is_frontpage and is_home will both eval as true on BOTH pages. So WordPress does not have a clear conditional function for the true homepage, at least the way most people think of the homepage of a website.

So I agree with Liam that if you get into a confusing situation, something like
if ( $_SERVER[“REQUEST_URI”] == ‘/’ ) { }

is more reliable.


For me is_front_page() and is_home() doesn’t work in ways I need to check the homepage, so instead I write this condition:

global $wp;  
$current_url = home_url(add_query_arg(array($_GET), $wp->request));
if ($current_url==get_site_url()) { 
    // code for homepage 


is_home() is the way to go.

Have you tried this method and it doesn’t work? If yes, it has usually something to do with the mod_rewrite settings or the wordpress settings itself.