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php – Why is there a PATH_SEPARATOR constant?

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Isn’t this / ?

Why is there a constant for it? It’s not like it can change, right?

How to&Answers:

PATH_SEPARATOR is the character used to separate many paths in a unique string (like include_path in php.ini).

Its value is ':' on a UNIX system and ';' on a Windows system.

What you’re talking about ('/' on UNIX and '\' on Windows) is the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant.


As your original question states: “Why is there a PATH_SEPARATOR constant?”, windows uses a semi-colon ;, while other systems use a colon :

However I think you’ve mistaken PATH_SEPARATOR with DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR

PATH_SEPARATOR delimits multiple paths in the same string. For example when used in windows environment variables.


DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR separates the directories within the path:
In Windows


In other systems


As mentioned by others, windows also accepts /


It can. It is \ in Windows and / in Linux (and prettymuch everywhere else), although modern versions of Windows do accept / as a separator.

Ooops this is about the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR constant.

PATH_SEPARATOR is indeed the constant to separate various paths as seen in PéCés answer.