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php – WordPress Symlinked Theme not recognized

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I am developing a wordpress theme and want to version control it on git. Therefore I have the following setup on my manjaro linux system to develop the theme locally:

wordpress (installed with AUR):

lampp (installed with AUR):

wordpress theme in git repo:

So i have created symlinks for wordpress to be served in the lampp stack

/opt/lampp/htdocs/wordpress -> /usr/bin/share/webapps/wordpress:

and a symlink in the wordpress theme folder to the them in the git repo:

wordpress/wp-content/themes/test_theme -> ~/git/wordpress_theme

Unfortunately the symlink for the theme is not followed and the theme is not visible inside the wordpress backend. On the other hand copying the folder to the wordpress theme folder makes it visible on the theme selection.

I searched for this particular question but could not find an answer since every post I came across suggested this was possible after all.

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