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php – Xampp Warning: Module 'openssl' already loaded in line 0

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I have installed Xampp on windows 7. When I try to run code I get the error

Warning: Module ‘openssl’ already loaded in line 0

This is the same code I have run on the pc before, all I have done is reinstalled Win 7 and a clean install of XAMPP

How to&Answers:

You seem to have the line


twice in your php.ini file and/or subfiles.

You need to find all relevant php.ini files in your xampp directory and remove or comment out one of the module directives like this:


After a server restart, this should solve it.


  1. Open xampp -> PHP -> php.ini

  2. Open the file php.ini in any text editor

  3. Press CTRL + F and Search for openssl

  4. Comment the line extension=php_openssl.dll by placing a semi-colon at the beginning: ;extension=php_openssl.dll

Note : If you want to enable it again remove the semicolon


I had the same problem and there were not multiple extension=php_openssl.dll in my case. The reason was because I had two copies of apache for some reasons, but I only used one.

I deleted the copy and changed the environment variable Path and OPENSSL_CONF to point to the correct webserver.

After restarting the webserver it worked!
Make sure to restart all terminals and CMDs, otherwise the old environment variables are used and the error persists.


reinstall the xampp and give new location to the required bar in composor installation.