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php – Zend selects all columns

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In the following code:

$selectColumns= array('user_id.user_email', // inner join the data from user_id and user_details
        $result = $handle->select()->from('user_id', $selectColumns)
                                   ->where('user_id.uid=?', $uid)
                                   ->join('user_details', 'user_id.uid = user_details.uid')

Zend selects all the columns in the table, not just the requested ones.

How can I select only some?

How to&Answers:

The problem is in your join() method call:

->join('user_details', 'user_id.uid = user_details.uid')

The optional third argument is columns from this table. If the argument is absent, it defaults to user_details.*.

Note that you added qualified columns from both tables in the from() table, but this has no effect on the default of user_details.*. Sorry, but Zend_Db_Select just isn’t smart enough to keep track of all that.

You can make the join() call add no columns by passing an empty array:

->join('user_details', 'user_id.uid = user_details.uid', array())

The qualified columns you added in the from() call should still be there. To verify this yourself, print the SQL:

print $result . "\n"; // calls __toString() method on Zend_Db_Select object


Add another parameter to your join at the end — an empty array. That will tell it to select no columns from the join. With the code you have now, you are selecting all columns from the joined table.

->join('user_details', 'user_id.uid = user_details.uid', array())