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php_zip.dll is missing from PHP 5.5 for Windows

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I downloaded PHP 5.5. for Windows and trying to install Composer.

Later I found that Composer need Zip extension. But php_zip.dll file is missing from PHP 5.5 zip I downloaded from php.net website.

Where can I find this missing php_zip.dll?

Thanks in advance.

How to&Answers:

Found the Answer.

  1. Remove ;extension=php_zip.dll line in php.ini.
  2. Restart Apache HTTP Server.

Previous versions of PHP shipped with separate php_zip.dll file in ext folder. And we need to enable (comment out the ;extension=php_zip.dll line in php.ini) the zip extension manually.

Latest version – PHP 5.5 includes this zip support in core and it is enabled by default.

But the line ;extension=php_zip.dll was left there in php.ini even though it is not needed.

As usual after installing PHP 5.5, I enabled (commented out) ;extension=php_zip.dll line in php.ini, thinking that it is a separate extension.

In this case, Composer couldn’t find php_zip.dll.

I removed the ;extension=php_zip.dll line in php.ini.

Restarted Apache HTTP Server.

Worked fine.


The PHP 5.5 build for Windows that I installed from windows.php.net did not come with /ext/php_zip.dll, so I had to download the latest dll file for my Windows 8 x64 Non-Thread-Safe system and copy it into my php ext directory: http://pecl.php.net/package/zip/1.12.4/windows