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PHP's mkdir function trouble on Windows

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I am working on a command line program in PHP and I am having trouble, my first problem is when I call PHP’s mkdir() it is giving me this error

Warning: mkdir(): No such file or directory in 
on line 196

I then read in the PHP docs a user comment that said that the forward slash / does not work with this method under Windows but on Unix.

So I then changed my code to change them to backslashes but it did not change anything for me, I still got the same error on the same line.

Here is the code below can someone help me figure this out please

// I tried both of these below
$tmp_path = '\tmp\e0bf7d6';
//$tmp_path = '/tmp/e0bf7d6';

echo $tmp_path;

How to&Answers:

The actual problem is that mkdir() only creates one subdirectory per call, but you passed it a path of two non-existant directories. You would normally have to do this step by step:


Or use the third parameter shortcut:

mkdir("/tmp/e0b093u209", 0777, TRUE);


I normally use the following line as a constant and I put in a global file to be used through my sites.

defined('DS') ? null : define('DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR);

That should fix the separator problem. I would also try the recursive property found in mkdir that will allow you to make the nested structure.
Please see the foillowing, http://php.net/manual/en/function.mkdir.php

You will notice that you needs to call mkdir like below.

mkdir ($path, $mode, true)