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Programmatically stop execution of python script? [duplicate]

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Possible Duplicate:
Terminating a Python script

Is it possible to stop execution of a python script at any line with a command?


some code

quit() # quit at this point

some more code (that's not executed)

sys.exit() will do exactly what you want.

import sys
sys.exit("Error message")


You could raise SystemExit(0) instead of going to all the trouble to import sys; sys.exit(0).


You want sys.exit(). From Python’s docs:

>>> import sys
>>> print sys.exit.__doc__

Exit the interpreter by raising SystemExit(status).
If the status is omitted or None, it defaults to zero (i.e., success).
If the status is numeric, it will be used as the system exit status.
If it is another kind of object, it will be printed and the system
exit status will be one (i.e., failure).

So, basically, you’ll do something like this:

from sys import exit

# Code!

exit(0) # Successful exit


The exit() and quit() built in functions do just what you want. No import of sys needed.

Alternatively, you can raise SystemExit, but you need to be careful not to catch it anywhere (which shouldn’t happen as long as you specify the type of exception in all your try.. blocks).