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project management – Need Excel sheet Formula

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Guys I’ve a weekly Plan for some Projects like as follows. It’s Created in Excel-sheet

My Plan

I need a Excel formula to get a Reports like as Follows

  • Total time assigned for a particular Owner out of 7 days
  • Total Open Status tasks of a particular Owner

How to do this?

How to&Answers:

If you are not comfortable with Pivot Tables… I recreated the Excel sheet that you took a picture of and created the report you wanted. Enjoy!

enter image description here

That same table, but looking at the formulas:

enter image description here

The total time formula I gave you simply gives you the total time, without a qualifier for the “within 7 days”. I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by that. How would you determine the within 7 days? By just adding all of the time on line items where the Start Date is within a 7 day period? If so, I can show you how to do that formula as well.


I recommend to use Pivot tables. For subtotals per week create one additional column in the base data using the =WEEKNUM() function.