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python – How to group Cloud Function log entries by execution?-Exceptionshub

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In Google App Engine, first generation, logs are grouped automatically by request in Logs Viewer, and in the second generation it’s easy enough to set up.

In background Cloud Functions I can’t find any way of doing it (save manually filtering by executionId in Logs Viewer). From various articles around the web I read that the key is to set the trace argument to the Trace ID when calling the Stackdriver Logging API, and that in HTTP contexts this ID can be found in the X-Cloud-Trace-Context header.

There are no headers in background contexts (for example, called from Pub/Sub or Storage triggers). I’ve tried setting this to an arbitrary value, such as the event_id from the function context, but no grouping happens.

Here’s a minified representation of how I’ve tried it:

from google.cloud.logging.resource import Resource
import google.cloud.logging

log_name = 'cloudfunctions.googleapis.com%2Fcloud-functions'
cloud_client = google.cloud.logging.Client()
cloud_logger = cloud_client.logger(log_name)

request_id = None

def log(message):
    labels = {
        'project_id': 'settle-leif',
        'function_name': 'group-logs',
        'region': 'europe-west1',
    resource = Resource(type='cloud_function', labels=labels)
    trace_id = f'projects/settle-leif/traces/{request_id}'
    cloud_logger.log_text(message, trace=trace_id, resource=resource)

def main(_data, context):
    global request_id
    request_id = context.event_id

    log('First message')
    log('Second message')
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