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python – RefreshAll in excel file with xlwings

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I wanted to RefreshAll database connections in a number of excel files but i didn’t want to run an Excel macro from within python. I just wanted one line of xlwings code.

I looked everywhere on SO, github, other forums and blogs but couldn’t find it.

My answer is below for others who’ll have the same issue in the future.

How to&Answers:

To RefreshAll connections in one excel file you only need: wbk.api.RefreshAll()

import xlwings as xw
# open Excel app in the background
app_excel = xw.App(visible = False)

wbk = xw.Book( 'D:\stuff\file.xlsx' )

# two options to save
wbk.save( 'D:\stuff\file.xlsx' ) # this will overwrite the file
wbk.save( 'D:\stuff\name1.xlsx' ) # this will save the file with a name

# kill Excel process
del app_excel