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Python: Write a dataframe to an already existing excel which contains a sheet with images

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I have been working on this for too long now. I have an Excel with one sheet (sheetname = ‘abc’) with images in it and I want to have a Python script that writes a dataframe on a second separate sheet (sheetname = ‘def’) in the same excel file. Can anybody provide me with some example code, because everytime I try to write the dataframe, the first sheet with the images gets emptied.

This is what I tried:

book = load_workbook('filename_of_file_with_pictures_in_it.xlsx')
writer = pd.ExcelWriter('filename_of_file_with_pictures_in_it.xlsx', engine = 'openpyxl')
writer.book = book

x1 = np.random.randn(100, 2)
df = pd.DataFrame(x1)

df.to_excel(writer, sheet_name = 'def')

It saves the random numbers in the sheet with the name ‘def’, but the first sheet ‘abc’ now becomes empty.

What goes wrong here? Hopefully somebody can help me with this.

How to&Answers:

Interesting question! With openpyxl you can easily add values, keep the formulas but cannot retain the graphs. Also with the latest version (2.5.4), graphs do not stay. So, I decided to address the issue with
xlwings :

import xlwings as xw
wb = xw.Book(r"filename_of_file_with_pictures_in_it.xlsx")
sht.range('A1').value = np.random.randn(100, 2)

With this snippet I managed to insert the random set of values and saved a new copy of the modified xlsx.As you insert the command, the excel file will automatically open showing you the new sheet- without changing the existing ones (graphs and formulas included). Make sure you install all the interdependencies to get xlwings to run in your system. Hope this helps!


You’ll need to use an Excel ‘reader’ like Openpyxl or similar in combnination with Pandas for this, pandas’ to_excel function is write only so it will not care what is inside the file when you open it.