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react native dynamic ref

Posted by: admin October 18, 2018 Leave a comment


I am trying to get some measurement from specefic views to see where the view is located.
After that I wanna implement a scrollto function.

I am using this code for the handle:

_handleItemClicked = (index) => () => {
  this.sectionItem[index].measure( (fx, fy, width, height, px, py) => {
    console.log('Component width is: ' + width)
    console.log('Component height is: ' + height)
    console.log('X offset to frame: ' + fx)
    console.log('Y offset to frame: ' + fy)
    console.log('X offset to page: ' + px)
    console.log('Y offset to page: ' + py)

And I am using this code for the view

renderItem = ({item, index, section}) => (
            <TouchableNativeFeedback ref={view => { this.sectionItem[index] = view; }} onPress={this._handleItemClicked(index)}>
               <View style={styles.itemrow} >
                 <View style={{width:80,marginLeft:10,height:30}}><Text style={{textAlign:'right',color:'#000',opacity:0.9,fontSize:18,marginTop:4}}>{item.title}</Text></View>

I tried some other methods but so far no luck.
I’am always ending with some error. This time its undefined wich is not a object.

looking forward to the answers.