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reCAPTCHA ERROR: Invalid domain for site key

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I have implemented my reCAPTCHA in line with as is shown in the example.

I have in head tag this script:

<script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js"></script>

In my form in HTML I have:

<div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="my public sitekey here"></div>

But when i load the form i get this error:

ERROR: Invalid domain for site key

I have confirmed that this is the correct site key for my domain.

The code is currently in a subdomain so i thought maybe that was the problem so i also added the subdomain to the google recaptcha admin but still get the error.

The exact same code works 100% in a different domain (with a key specific to that domain).

Any advice will be appreciated.


In case someone has a similar issue. My resolution was to delete the key that was not working and got a new key for my domain. And this now works with all my sub-domains as well without having to explicitly specify them in the recaptcha admin area.


First of all, the keys are managed at https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin#list

I ran into this error because I’m using the same key on a few different domains and I had forgotten to add one of the domains to the key.

After adding my site it took a minute or two (most likely because of cache) for things to work normally again.


No need to create a new key just clear site data on browser

If you change your site domain then add that domain to existing key (it’s not necessary to a create new one) and save it.


but google recapture has some data on browser. Clear them then it will work with your new domain
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You may have inadvertently used a private key for a public key.


I was using localhost during unit testing when my recaptcha key was registered to So I changed my browser to point to and it started working. Although I was able to add “localhost” to the list of domains in my ReCaptcha Key Settings, I am still unable to unit test using localhost. I have to use the loopback IP address


There is another point must be noted before regenerating keys that resolve 90% issue.

for example your xampp directory is C:\xampp

and htdocs folder is C:\xampp\htdocs

we want to open page called: example-cap.html
and page is showing error “invalid domain for site key”

USE YOUR LOCALHOST ADDRESS in browser address like:


this will resolve your issue

DONOT USE ADDRESS c:\xampp\htdocs\example-cap.html
this will generate error


I had the same problems I solved it.
I went to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin and clicked on the domain and then went to key settings at the bottom.

There I disabled the the option below
Domain Name Validation
Verify the origin of reCAPTCHA solution

clicked on save and captcha started working.

I think this has to do with way the server is setup. I am on a shared hosting and just was transferred without notice from Liquidweb to Deluxehosting(as the former sold their share hosting to the latter) and have been having such problems with many issues. Here is think google is checking the server but it is identifying as shared server name and not my domain.
When i uncheck the “verify origin” it starts working.
Hope this helps solve the problem for the time being.


Make sure you fill in your domain name and it must not end with a path.


http://yourdomain.com (good)

http://yourdomain.com/folder (error)


You should set your domain for example: www.abi.wapka.mobi, that is if you are using a wapka site.

Note that if you had a domain with wapka it won’t work, so compare wapka with your site provider and text it.


For me, I had simply forgotten to enter the actual domain name in the “Key Settings” area where it says Domains (one per line).


I tried for almost 4 Hours with this and finally figuring it out with guidance from here, I thought I would share my solution with you.

Ok so my domain is an addon domain. I also got “ERROR for site owner: Invalid domain for site key” I had checked that everything was correct almost a thousand times and it looked right to me, until I thought of it in terms of a desktop shortcut.


So for an addon domain make sure that the parent url is also in the list of domains i.e:
The addon location will be the folder that you set on your host so when using addon domains ensure to name the root with something logical.

Hope this helps someone else and thanks for the suggestions people.