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reporting – How can I get data from multiple Siemens PLCs into Excel?

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I use Siemens WinCC SCADA system and I need to transfer data from specific addresses in a Siemens PLC into Excel for reporting purposes.

Is it worth to try doing it by programming in WinCC scada or are there any other reporting tools? My main requirements are:

  • Easily define PLC and data addresses to read
  • Customize report view in Excel (add logo, adjust formatting etc.)
  • Having data in tabular form and in an Excel chart
  • Price should not be very high

By the way, I have a small panel PC on site. This PC has 1 GB RAM and Intel Celeron CPU. The reporting application has to be running in such small PCs.

How to&Answers:

You could use PLC Reports www.plcreports.com. You define your reports directly in Excel and PLCReports ‘fills’ it with data. What I like is that you can use the complete Excel functionality. I even use it to run my own macros to make special calculations. Regarding your requirements:
– You specify the PLC definition in one Excel row – just pass the IP Address, Rack and Slot – very easy.
– You can add any logo and format the Excel Report as you want
– Tabular data is possible – the Report is an Excel file 🙂 -or PDF if you want
– There is a starter version if you only need a few reports which is quite cheap.
And it runs on low performance hardware. I run it together with WinCC Flexible on a Panel PC.


you could use OPC, also this product can then be utilised for other PLC’s — http://www.matrikonopc.com/products/opc-archiving/excel-reporter.aspx