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root – Create VPN profile on Android

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Is it possible to programmatically create VPN profile on Android (assuming that I have a rooted device)?

If is possible, how?


How to&Answers:

You should look at the com.android.settings.vpn2 package. There it uses the @hidden KeyStore methods to manipulate VPNs:

  • KeyStore.getInstance().saw(Credentials.VPN) returns an array of String VPN IDs

  • VpnProfile.decode(KeyStore.getInstance().get(Credentials.VPN + vpn_id)) gets the VPN configuration data for the given VPN ID and decodes it as a VpnProfile object.

  • VpnProfile.put(Credentials.VPN + vpn_id, someVpnProfileInstance.encode()) will create/update a VPN connection with the given ID using the settings in the VpnProfile instance.

However, you will need to execute this as the system process — otherwise, the KeyStore instance you get will not be connected to the one that the OS uses.

If there is a way to do this without a rooted device, I’d be interested in knowing how…

P.S. – There’s a similar question here: How to programmatically create a new VPN interface with Android 4.0?