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sdk – Android NDK Debugging

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The Android NDK documentation doesn’t seem all that clear to me as to what sequence of commands you run to get debugging information into, and out of the ndk-gdb executable which is provided. If there is a format for what lines to break on, and in what file, is there a specification somewhere? If so, also, how do you give this debugger that information, and through what means? I’m clueless in every way as to how this process works.


How to&Answers:

Specifically addressing “is there a specification somewhere”:

ndk-gdb is basically traditional GDB that talks to NDK applications, the GDB documentation at http://www.gnu.org/software/gdb/documentation/ is the best reference for command syntax – it’s far too big a topic to cover here.


There are a couple of web pages that provide instruction:



I know others have gotten this to work – but I’m stuck on the issue described here:

ndk-gdb fails with message: Invalid attribute name: package


Try this tutorial. It explains how to set up your eclipse environment for debugging NDK code even if this code is part of android library. (Most of the tutorial I found explain only how to setup Eclipse for debugging android application projects that have native code).