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sdk – Android Studio freezes on startup

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I searched all day but haven’t find a solution yet.

Today I installed Android Studio without any problems.
I added the correct path.

JAVA_HOME to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_20


JDK_HOME  to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_20

But, when I start the program it freezes on the loading screen. (The gray picture with the green android logo and text Android Studio)
It does create a process that I can’t close, but after waiting for 20 minutes it’s still on that screen.

I tried a clean install, also I tried the 32bit version without any success because it complained about the jvm that I could not fix for some reason.
I also did an update for it, but without success.

I have no idea what else I can try to fix this, but I also don’t see myself going back to eclipse.

How to&Answers:

What worked for me was to disconnect my android phone which was connected to the computer(in the debugging mode).


I went from 1.5 to 2.0 and after updating it wouldn’t load (hung at the startup screen). I had to delete the .android folder, the android.15 folder and the .AndroidStudioPreview2.0 folder under user. I also had to rename the SDK folder and after it started up I rename it back to what it was. Which means I had to add the path back to android studio. This was the only way I got it to work.


The same issue. “Run as administrator” helped me.


Another possible solution comes from JLund (from the comments):

I did this from the command line:

adb kill-server
adb start-server

and that unfroze Android Studio at startup for me.


Make sure there is no ANDROID_SDK_HOME, ANDROID_HOME or the like defined as you environment variable. You might need to uninstall any Android SDK previously installed manually after removing those environment variable.


My Android Studio auto loads the last worked-on project.
I cancelled the loading project before the IDE hung.
The Android Studio launcher comes up. Select the “Open an existing…” option.

Windows 10

Java 1.8.0_131

Android Studio 3.2.1


I had to revamp all manually installed ‘HOME’ environments and start it again-