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Search engine in javascript and django

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Good day, I’m pretty new in django and python and newer still in javascript. And I’m mixing everyone! 🙁

Step to tell you that I’m making a website where a Manager enters the movements performed during a work day, separated into a list that also that list is divided into sublists.

On the website you are asked to enter the number of movements made in that workday (sublist), each of these movements correspond to different people who are discriminated against by an AUTOS AND JUDGE EJ: AUTOS: 251254 Court: PAZ 6.

In javascript I managed to enter the number of movements you want to load and automatically generate the amount of input and select that I need.

At that moment that the manager decided the number of movements that will be entered in that sublist, you must identify the client to whom the operation hosted in my database will be loaded, modeled in django.

Then in all the input you must enter the AUTOS number and in a SELECT – OPTION select the COURT to which that car belongs and bring me the name of the client lodged in the data base and the doubt that I have is how to make javascript communicate with django for each input – select that I have to perform the search of the client.

I leave the html and javascript code that I am using, I hope I could have been clear and help me to be able to continue, and if there is also a recommendation to do, I would be very grateful.
{% extends ‘base/base.html’ %}

Muchas Gracias!!