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Select Page object class on runtime based on driver type

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So i am building a page object model framework for a mobile native app.
I have separate classes for IOS and android page objects. I have used singelton design pattern to instantiate the driver based on OS type. Now i want my test case to reference the page object class on run time based on the OS type.How can i achieve this. As of now i have a testcase class TestHomepage,a page object class, a driver class which is initialising driver based on OS type, a utility method to get OS type from onfig property file and a property file where i am storing OS type.Code i use in the page object class Homepage to initialize driver=

        public Homepage() {
            driver = (AndroidDriver<AndroidElement>) TestBase.Instance;

   // utility method and singleton design
    public static String os(){
                try {
                    String OS=getobject("Os");
                    return OS;
                    } catch (IOException e) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
                return null;


            public static String OS=os();
            public static WebDriver Instance=null;
            public static void Initialize() throws IOException{
                if (Instance==null){

                    else if (OS.equalsIgnoreCase("IOS")){